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20th Century Military
Replicas and Minatures
Shows and Auctions

007 Gun Show Calendar
Gun shows listed by state. Add your gun shows to the 007 calendar.
100 guns, the gun collector's CD-ROM
100 guns showcases 100 guns from the largest gun collection in the world, Here are the oldest, largest, most valuable, most popular, biggest, smallest, oddest, guns in the world.
Acher Arms Pawn
We have in stock over 1200 new and used guns. This inventory also includes a large selections of military,collectors and other hard to find items.
Anderson's Collectible Firearms
They buy, sell, and trade collectible guns on a weekly basis so our inventory changes fequently.
Antique & Vintage Firearm Network
Services devoted to antique and vintage arms enthusiasts. Free classifieds and research center. Antique arms for sale.
Antique Guns
For selling and swopping, info and articles on shooting antique guns.
antique handguns
American and European handguns, flintlock, percussion, derringers, pistols, revolvers, duelling, target, engraved, cased, Colt, Dreyse, Luger, Mauser, Merwin Hulbert, Remington, Smith & Wesson,
Antique Winchester Rifle
Unique bit of Americana in a unique Winchester Rifle produced by special order in 1879.
Flintlock pistols, percussion pistols, revolvers, powder flasks, and swords.
An online catalog of fine US and European antique firearms, swords, helmets and militaria. Rare military rifles, Napoleonic items...Buy, sell, trade.
Buy, sell, trade antique firearms, swords and collectables. Also featured is an "Ask Our Experts" section.
Apacheria Traders
Antique guns, edged weapons, Civil War collectables, leather and beadwork for sale, buy or trade.
Armchair Gun Show Antique Guns & Collectible Firearms
Antique & collector firearms listed for sale. Articles & information on gun collecting & firearms history. Believed to be the largest single dealer inventory of antique guns on the web.
Arms Bid - Old Town Station Collectable Arms Auction
Antique firearms, collectible guns, collector cartridges & ammunition boxes, swords auction. Flintlocks, percussion muzzleloaders, Colt sixguns, S&W revolvers, Winchesters, Remingtons, Civil War carbines, double shotguns, martials, firearms curiosa, derringers, more. No reserves.
Benjamin Vincent, Inc.
Specializes in classic, vintage, antique and collectable hunting arms for the collector or sportsman.
Browning Collectors Association
Browning Collectors Association home page. Features information about Browning guns, FN, gun collecting, trading, showing and more.
Browning's Pistols
Includes weapon data, photographs, history, and related links.
Cartridge Headstamps & ammo
A new but well developing site with good pics of cartridge headstamps. Well thought out and laid out. Not a large number of headstamps yet, but growing. A good links page to other cartridge collecting sites.
Civil War Preservations
Buy and sell Civil War era swords, firearms and militaria. Online catalog and ordering. Message board.
CNS Wholesale Products
Cartridge and shotshell collectibles, including cartridge and ammo information and identification. Also lists of other collectors, for sale and wanted items.
Contra Costa Collectible Firearms
Antique, collectible, out of production, hard to find, and investment grade firearms.
Curio and Relic Weapons Gallery
Picture gallery with information for the study, care and preservation of weapons from the black powder era to the present.
Curios and Relics - Free Gun Classifieds
Free gun classifieds. Browse or list your guns, pistols, rifles, Colt, Winchester, Remington, curios, relics, knives, clocks, antiques.
Eagle Trading Company
Dealer in collectable firearms and accessories.
European Firearms and Edged Weapons
Dealers in European collectible firearms and edged weapons. Importers of books on the subject.
F - French guns official Home
All about french guns from 1770.
F - Guns from France and the World
A Gun collectors site for all gun enthusiasts. Guns from France from 1770 and from all over the world.
FL - Florida Pawn Broker -- Antique Guns
Online pawn shop featuring antique guns.
Fred T. Huntington Museum - by Huntington Ammunition Reloading
RCBS, Inc. was founded by Fred Huntington in 1943 in Oroville, California and later became one of the world's largest manufacturers of reloading equipment.
Golden Arms Company
Virginia's home for the Curio & Relic collector. "Humble Jim" Golden, FFL Licensed Dealer.
Grifon Incorporated
Firearms, British firearms, Military firearms, Grifon Inc. Firearm export, Webley, Enfield
Gun Collector's Corner
Guns at auction, handguns, blackpowder and longbore price guides, knives and historical swords
Gun Show Newsletter
Current listing of gun shows nationwide. Updated weekly. Includes a gun show bookstore in association with
Collectors forums, book store, online auction, Web space and more.
Guns of the World
Contains original pictures and movies of well knows and powerful weaponry. Also provides information and links.
Guns World
Guns from France and the World.
Guns: A frontier in weaponry
a brief look at guns throughout history. From uses as defense and food gathering to warfare, and police use.
H&L Accueil
Collectable handguns: Many illustrations and technical animations. Luger, Colt, Savage, Nambu. Press review.
Highland Arms/Highland Trading Companies
Quality firearms and accessories for the collector and historian, specializing in military firearms and reproductions of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
Husqvarna History and Information
Husqvarna rifles, history, facts and models.
Koury Investments - Collector Guns
Antique collector guns, specializing in Winchester, Colt.
Le Hussard - French dealer in Antique Arms
Located in France, dealer in original antiques arms. Online purchase available. Over two thousand items for sale including hand guns, rifles, books, reloading supplies, showcases. Site in both French & English versions (more detail in French).
Matched Pairs Limited
Antique dealer specializing in English vintage sporting guns. Evaluate, buy/sell guns, and coordinate hunting in England and Spain.
McKune's Sporting Collectibles
Sells advertising and sporting memorabilia from the 1870's to the 1960's. Majority of items are prior to World War II. Catalogs, books, banners, ammo, gun cases, and more.
Mike Stegen Sales: Collector Guides
Mail order catalog of collector's guides on gun collecting, military guns, Civil War, and more.
Monty Whitley, Inc. Antique Firearms and Accoutrements
Monty Whitley, Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the finest in antique, rare collectable firearms and accessories. They travel the world buying and selling only the finest items we can find.
Muzzleloders Etcetera Inc.
Specializing in antique and collectible guns, swords and related items prior to 1960. Constantly changing inventory of cartridge, percussion, and flintlock arms, swords and knives, and many one of a kind collectibles.
My Collectible Journal
Keep track of your collectibles in this wonderful book designed just for collectors
N - Misc. info about guns and hunting/shooting stuff
Misc. info in Norwegian about guns, shooting and hunting. Featuring the Magnum 44 and 308 Winchester etc
New Graham
Smith and Wesson Knives Clothing and Collectable Items, not found anywhere else.
New Zealand Antique Arms Association
Collectors of sporting and military firearms and related items. Activities include displays, auctions, shoots, gun shows, research, publications. Branches throughout New Zealand with regular meetings and newsletters.
Paul M. Ambrose Antiques - Arms, Guns, and Armour
Specializes in the sale of quality European and American antique arms, guns, firearms, armour and weapons of the wheelock, flintlock and percussion periods.
Paulus Manders - gunsmith, firearms restorer
Specialist in gunsmithing and restoring old and antique firearms, shotguns, rifles, pistols, ammunition and accessories for collectors and hunters.
Pete Twigg's Double Guns and Interesting Rifles
A personal collection of antique and collectable shotguns and rifles including Winchester, Ithica, Marlin, Webley & Scott, Mauser more. Canadian, forum, chat, classifieds.
Pettson's Place
Firearms history of Husqvarna and of Webley & Scott.
PTS Investments
Specializing in rare, antique Colt, Winchester, and other firearms, swords, collector Bowie knives, Civil War and military relics, including Gatling guns. Buy, sell, and trade.
Purland Guns
Purland sells vintage best quality english shotguns, guns rifles by Purdey, Holland, Evans, Churchill, Atkin, Woodward, Lancaster, Boss, Grant, Lang, Jeffery, Brown, Green, Greener, Westley Richards as well as vintage gun cases and accessories
R.E.Frodelius Trap Collector
Antique Newhouse,Victor,Diamond,Gibbs,Cortland,Triumph traps,trapping books,magazines,old guns,mountain men stuff bought and sold
Remington Firearms Forum
Discussion of Remington firearms.
Remington Society of America
RSA is an organization dedicated to collecting Remington firearms and studying the history of "America's Oldest Gunmaker". This web site includes information about membership and annual activities, and contains many images of Remington firearms and history.
Ruger Firearms Forum
Discussion of Ruger firearms.
Russian Weapons Catalog
Specifications and photos for more than 200 modern russian weapons systems.
Shooters Supplies
At Shooters Supplies Limited specialises in selling antique guns and fine firearms. They always have in stock well known guns.
The Belgian (FN) Browning Pistols
The Belgian Browning Pistols (1889-1949)is the first book of its kind to cover all of the early FN pistols and their contracts. Now available in limited edition...
The story of the blunderbuss
The blunderbuss was a unique sort of gun with a funnel-shaped barrel and some very strange shooting characteristics. It was made in various forms between the seventeenth and ninteenth centuries.
Trader Ritch
The place to go for collectables, vintage, commemorative and obsolete handguns
Trapdoor Springfield
Private collector wants to purchase trapdoor Springfield rifles, cadet rifles and carbines.
TX - Winchester Collector Association
Information, articles, products and services, news, shows and events from the Winchester Arms Collectors Association - over 4,000 members worldwide.
Vintage English Shotguns - Hill Rod and Gun-
A large selection of affordable, fine, English shotguns for sale to the American sportsman.
VT - List of Vermont Gunsmiths to 1900
A beauftiful book of Vermont gunsmiths and artisans. Vermont's Gunsmiths & Gunmakers to 1900.
Walt Moreau Catalog Online
American-made weapons and Native American artifacts from the 1500's - 1900's. Items cannot be purchased online.
Wild Goose Sports
Antique firearms, civil war era guns, bayonets, uniforms. Buy, sell and trade. FFL lisenced. WWII era guns, bayonets, uniforms.
William's Hunting Collectibles
Personal collection of antique hunting memorbillia. Buy, sell and trade: shotshell boxes, promotional ads, decoys, shotshell crates, hunting magazines.
Wilson's Ruger Collector Pages
For those who shoot and collect firearms made by Sturm, Ruger, & Co.
Wimers Collectable Firearms
High quality collectable Firearms
Winchester Artwork Collection Reproductions
Winchester Artwork Collection Reproductions offers fine art giclee prints and accesssories featuring colorful reproductions of hunting, sportman and western advertising and promotional artwork.

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